Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On Perspective

Awareness hits (at least) Seven Minutes Later. That's the amount of catch-up time required for this Minnesotan transplanted to Ohio.

Perspective and lack of it serve as guide for the misguided. (Me). One second blush: "I could have said, should have said, why didn't I - why did I?" Perspective - life from a distance - gives me pause. As I peer out from hazel eyes, this is my view: warped, distorted, quirky; it is only as good, or bad, as I see things. My perspective is based on family history, upbringing, genetics, Min-Na-Sooo-Ta and more than a tad of anxiety.

Seven Minutes Later and my Ah-Ha hits. Each minute can be years in the making. Thus, my current Seven Minutes Later arrives as I near 53 - though D.C. Gabe (my scientific-minded father) would be quick to point out that I will be entering my 54th year. That I have, after all, finished my 53rd year. Ah, this makes me feel so much better.

So finishing up 53rd year, soon to celebrate 53, but really entering my 54th year (are you following me??? Zzzzzzz. I hear crickets chirping...) it has taken me this long (or short from a universal perspective) to understand and find my right-size for right now. And this could all change at a moment's notice, tipping perspective on its head. Handstands are not my forte' handstand.

Yes, I can learn from these aquatic gymnasts. Here's to doing something different in 2012, my 54th year.

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